How to get on Friendster when it is blocked

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Can’t get to Friendster at your school? Nothing to do but forced studying? That’s because some system administrator has blocked access. Not nice. Below we’ve listed proxy sites that will let you bypass any blocks and login to Friendster. At least one of them should get you through. If not – please let us know and we’ll work harder to find a site that you can use.

Some super-fresh proxies

A serious school admin will keep an eye open for ways around his censorship, and quickly block sites. That’s why you need new proxies regularly. Like these ones, all of which were verified recently to unblock content filters:

Go away you spy!

Other proxies

Some older proxies – may not work anymore but worth a try if you’re not yet in.

Crying man (school system administrator)
Poor system administrator.
Told you we would get in..

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