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Guild Wars North-American presale box cover
Big swords. Nice..

Guild Wars is one of the most popular on-line games. In the past developer ArenaNet and publisher NCsoft published a time-limited demo around the release of each new episode of Guild Wars, valid for only a few days. At the moment a time-limited free trial is available for new players. You can also buy full access keys on-line for unlimited normal play relatively cheaply.

Fast Fun Facts

  • Guild Wars is at the moment the third-most popular MMORPG; with 5 million players it only bows to RuneScape (8 million) and World of Warcraft (11 million).
  • You can download the client software for free from the official site, but you will also need an account key to play.
  • The free trial / demo is available here. It is limited to 10 hours of play in a 14-day period. Afterward it can be upgraded to a normal Guild Wars account.


For the impatient here is some footage of Guild Wars:

Guildwars eye of the north in-game trailer

Guild Wars – Prophecies Campaign (Demo)

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