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Xayoo is a collection of interesting and useful facts, organized in the form of a free on-line encyclopedia. It aims to be less thorough, but also less boring, than Wikipedia.

Xayoo is a trademark of Xayooz.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Can I edit or add articles myself?
  • A: Only if you want to get paid… Unlike other on-line encyclopedias Xayoo is created by a paid staff. If you want to join us please send a note to our e-mail address.
  • Q: Where is all the content?
  • A: We’re still in a startup phase, kicking the tires, experimenting a bit. In the coming months, with an expanded team, we will be adding new topics in greater volume.
  • Q: Aren’t there already a number of on-line encyclopedias?
  • A: That’s right. However, we have some new ideas regarding ownership, consistency and opportunities for contributors to share in revenue. Very briefly: we plan to have content guidelines that are a bit more liberal than those of Wikipedia, but we want to avoid the total chaos that is e.g. Squidoo. We think we can do that by creating a close-knit group of editors.
  • Q: Wasn’t this site named Fast Fun Facts? What happened?
  • A: The old site name was indeed Fast Fun Facts (fastfunfacts.info). It was renamed to Xayoo on the 1st of May 2009, simply because we like the new name better (bonus: it complies with Seth Godin’s assertion that tech companies with two “o”s in their name — Google, Yahoo!, Godin’s own Yoyodyne and Squidoo — are/will all be successful).

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