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EverQuest is a fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was released in 1999. It is published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). Verdict This is one of the original MMORPGs that made the genre famous, and it’s great that we can still play it, for free! However, it’s really showing its age, in particular by […]


NCsoft logo NCsoft is a South Korean game publisher. Its best-known products are Guild Wars, Lineage and City of Heroes/City of Villains. Fast fun fact NCsoft has two highly anticipated sequels in the works: Guild Wars 2 and Lineage III. For both the release dates seem to be slipping a bit. Lineage III got off […]

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

An MMORPG is a computer game that is played on-line in a world that you share with hundreds or thousands of other players. Often the world is persistent, for example if you drop something on the ground, disconnect and then later reconnect it will still be there (unless someone else picked it up). This type […]

World of Warcraft

Box cover World of Warcraft is the most popular commercial MMORPG game, with about 8 million subscribers. It is developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Fast fun fact A 12 year old Norwegian boy survived a real-live moose attack by using feigning death. “Just like you learn at level 30 in World of Warcraft”, he […]


Scary monster! Aaaaah.. RuneScape is the most popular free MMORPG. It runs in the browser, is fantasy-themed and has about 8 million players. Fast fun fact Runescape’s graphical abilities are a bit limited. This has (a.o.) inspired the following video: I’m an ugly girl. See also MMORPG Guild Wars World of Warcraft

Guild Wars demo

Big swords. Nice.. Guild Wars is one of the most popular on-line games. In the past developer ArenaNet and publisher NCsoft published a time-limited demo around the release of each new episode of Guild Wars, valid for only a few days. At the moment a time-limited free trial is available for new players. You can […]

Guild Wars

Big swords. Nice.. Check out the free demo! Guild Wars is a very popular fantasy-themed MMORPG. Developer ArenaNet and publisher NCsoft have released it as three stand-alone episodes and one expansion pack. It makes heavy use of instancing and does not offer a persistent world. It is notable for not requiring a monthly fee to […]


Guild Wars North-American presalebox cover ArenaNet is a game developer based in Bellevue, Washington. Its only product is Guild Wars. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCsoft Corporation. Fast fun fact ArenaNet is busy working on Guild Wars 2, which will feature a more persistent world, as well as a host of other nice […]