Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

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An MMORPG is a computer game that is played on-line in a world that you share with hundreds or thousands of other players.

Many MMORPGs are fantasy-themed, with swords and magic

Many MMORPGs are fantasy-themed, with swords and magic

Often the world is persistent, for example if you drop something on the ground, disconnect and then later reconnect it will still be there (unless someone else picked it up). This type of game is extremely popular, perhaps because of its benefits to both players (complexity, continuous improvements by the publishers, the social aspect) and publishers (monthly fees and/or in-game purchases resulting in steady income).

Fast fun fact

  • Even more than stand-alone computer games MMORPGs are known for their addictive nature. For example in 2005 a thirteen year old Chinese boy died when he threw himself from the top of a twenty-four story tower block in his home town. He left notes that spoke of his addiction and his hope of being reunited with fellow cyber-players in heaven.

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A few of the most popular MMORPGs:

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