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Big swords. Nice.. Check out the free demo!

Guild Wars is a very popular fantasy-themed MMORPG. Developer ArenaNet and publisher NCsoft have released it as three stand-alone episodes and one expansion pack. It makes heavy use of instancing and does not offer a persistent world. It is notable for not requiring a monthly fee to play, and for placing less emphasis on grinding than EverQuest and World of Warcraft. Consequently Guild Wars is more suited to casual gamers. All normal game play is done in instances with your team members (players, henchmen, heroes and minions). Only in towns can you meet other players. It has separate content for Player-versus-Environment and Player-versus-Player gaming.


Fast Fun Facts

  • Guild Wars is at the moment the third-most popular MMORPG; with 5 million players it only bows to RuneScape (8 million) and World of Warcraft (11 million).
  • You can download the client software for free from the official site, but you will also need an account key to play.
  • There is a free trial / demo available.
  • You can buy full access keys for unlimited normal play on-line relatively cheaply.


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